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As Coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives, how are you adapting the way your business operates?
One thing remains certain - good communication is essential in times like these. So, if you haven’t already, let your customers know how your biz is working to handle the complex daily challenges required for social distancing. 
Whether you are an online biz, or one with a physical storefront – email your clients and let them know you are thinking of them. Reassure them that you are here and ready to help, in whatever form or capacity that entails.  
Touch base daily through Instagram and FB - using Stories can be particularly effective. 
Let folks take a peek at what you’re doing behind the scenes - this is an unprecedented situation, and a rare opportunity to let customers get to know more about you, and your brand’s philosophy. 
Think about how you respond during a global crisis, and how your brand’s presence on social media can provide comfort to your audience even in the smallest way.
Do you have a product that can help your audience relax and take their mind off things for a bit? Post suggestions for a favorite activity or game, a great recipe or an epic recipe fail, a funny or uplifting story. Maybe even something positive that happened during quarantine that has really caught you by surprise.  
The key is to keep posts positive, honest, and helpful.
If you sell products like books, games, spa items, cards & stationery, specialty packaged food items and kits, pet products, to name just a few, and aren’t on lockdown yet (like we are here in Illinois), offer curbside pickup or delivery if possible - throw in a discount card to be used post-quarantine, to encourage them to shop at your biz when life gets back to normal.
Share accounts you admire and follow on your social media with your audience. Who has made you laugh, given you hope, inspired you, or just has a beautiful feed? Who, or what is helping you get through the day to day challenges of quarantine? Who’s got fun tips to keep kids, teens, and even the adults active and off the screens for an hour or two a day?
Ask questions of your audience. How are they doing? What’s their biggest business challenge right now? Personal challenge? What tips or advice do they have to get through the day?
The better you communicate, the more you remain relevant and endear your biz and brand to your audience. While sales may be slow to non-existent over the next few weeks, chin up! Continuing to build positive, loyal relationships through recognition, trust and consistency is a solid strategy that will see your brand through this difficult time.


How do you stay focused on your writing in these unsettled times, while keeping readers aware and interested in your work?
Take to social media and post what do you do to occupy your time now, as opposed to the pre-Covid-19 days – not just writing, but whatever or however your daily activities have changed. 
Start a hashtag - think #bookstagram, but for the quarantined – get creative and maybe it will start trending!
Know some indie author’s through social media? Review their books, and then share, share, share those reviews! And, yes, we realize this is a non-pandemic thing also, but it’s even more important now when authors aren’t able to do face to face promotional events. Set a goal and stick to it - one a week? Two a week? 
Organize a virtual book club. Remember those indie books we were talking about reviewing? Message some friends, download a few books, and discuss them via FaceTime or Skype. Let the author know, and we bet you could convince them to take part in the discussion too!
Have a website? DM some indie authors and invite them to be a guest blogger. Then share those blog posts on social media. Not only is this great content for you, it’s excellent marketing for them. 
Ask questions on Stories - how is the Coronavirus affecting other writers and authors around the globe? 
Have your family take a few candid photos of you – no, seriously, if they must be home invading your space, give them tasks! Some examples - catching you on Twitter when you should be writing, walking the dog, organizing your workspace or a cabinet or junk drawer, anything really that shows a bit of the life behind the writer. 
It may feel silly or mundane, but these things are relatable and reassuringly normal.
And for two mamas that are anything but, isn’t normal exactly what we all want right now?

Stay well, friends. xo
<![CDATA[Phasing In]]>Tue, 27 Aug 2019 18:27:54 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/phasing-inWhen we started our business a year and a half ago, our creative brains were on overdrive thinking of all the unique ways we could assist small businesses and our writer peers to elevate their brands. Throughout our many coffee-infused planning sessions one simple fact kept surfacing: we have the experience, skills, and wicked creativity - now we need to build trust in our services.
Having worked closely throughout our careers with start-ups and well-established companies, we know that mutual trust is vital for relationships to work. But it takes time. 
We understand that most small businesses keep a sharp eye on the bottom line. We get it, we're right there with you! We also know that there can be a degree of anxiety when it comes to investing in an outside marketing agency. Maybe it's the fear of getting stuck in an all-or-nothing contract (for ridiculous money). Or perhaps it's just the idea of outsourcing part of your operations when you're used to wearing ALL of the hats.
​Keeping these things in mind, we devised a simple solution: present Mama Media services in phases - customized strategies scaled for growth, tailored to your budget.
Just as the moon has its phases, its cycle of changes and development, so do small businesses. We loved this idea so much that we made it our logo - combining the moon with our Mama biz name (because Mama's know how to get sh*t done).
​Each service we provide is custom designed and focused on your business goals or author platform. When we consult with a client, our job first and foremost is to listen. We want to know who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Where are you now, and where would you like to be in the future? So no matter the size of the project - be it graphic design for print or web, writing and editing copy, creating a social media strategy, or auditing a current website - we can provide clarity, creativity, and results.
​We recently completed a website for a client who has owned her own business for over 10 years while raising three kids at the same time. Until now, word-of-mouth referrals have been her primary avenue for advertising. But she came to us with a request for a website and a mini-rebrand so her existing clients could easily find her online. Growing her business, however, is not her current priority - she still has two busy kids at home and needs to maintain a flexible schedule. So that meant no opt-ins, no pop-ups, no social media, just a beautifully designed, user-friendly website. We created a mood board, designed a logo, composed friendly, professional copy, and went on-location to take a few candid shots to use on the website.   
She was over the moon with the results (yeah, we said it), receiving glowing feedback on her website from her clients. Our client was so pleased that she came back and asked us to design her business cards, as well as new patient forms and customer invoices. As her life and business goals continue to evolve, we are excited to see what the next phase with this client has in store!
​Mama Media is a two-woman crew. We've spent the last 13 years working together, writing, and creating. If you're an author or small business - whatever phase you're in, we're here for you! 
"The moon is the first milestone
​on the road to the stars."
- Arthur C. Clarke
<![CDATA[Shop Local: It's not just for vacations anymore.]]>Wed, 07 Aug 2019 17:25:17 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/shop-local-its-not-just-for-vacations-anymorePicture
As we head into the dog days of August, many of us are preparing for that end-of-summer vacation - squeezing in one last adventure before the rush and hustle of fall routines begin. 
Maybe you're jetting off on a European tour, perhaps a jaunt across the US, or maybe it's as simple as a day trip or two somewhere closer to home. These travels tend to share a common thread - seeking out the "amazing little local shops" that line the streets or are tucked into the charming nooks and crannies of the places we visit.
We return home, car stuffed to the ceiling with bags of goodies from our travels. Be it crafted knick-knacks, jewelry, or tasty treats – the lure of local treasure is near impossible to resist. Plus, it's always fun to chat with the shop owners. They're excited and chock full of knowledge about their products. And like a photograph, that experience becomes part of the bigger story. "Remember when…?"

If only we had quaint little shops 
with unique, locally sourced products and friendly shop owners 
in our own neck of the woods.

Wait a sec, we do! Take a look around, there exists a plethora of incredible shops and businesses ready to be explored right in our own backyards. 
Don't get us wrong, shopping online in your pajamas (free shipping!), running to your favorite Big Box Retail because you know where everything is and it's right on your way home –absolutely has its place - we're 100% with you. But changing up just a few of our buying habits can spread a bit of that summer vacation enthusiasm throughout the rest of the year.
Need a unique gift? A bookstore, home decor, or beautiful stationery? A new place to lunch with pals or meet with a client? Take time to adventure out into your own neighborhoods - we promise you will be amazed at what you can find! 
Then spread the word whenever you can, to friends and on social media.  
Let's make #shopsmallsummer a year-round thing!  
<![CDATA[3 Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Collaborate This Summer]]>Mon, 08 Jul 2019 16:00:31 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/3-easy-ways-small-businesses-can-collaborate-this-summerPicture
Summerpalooza is in full swing! These summer days are few and precious, so the old routine goes out the window and we tend to find ourselves a bit distracted by the excitement of it all. If you’re anything like us, you’re craving time outside to enjoy the beautiful warm weather, maybe do a bit of gardening, hit the beach for some sun and sand, or just look for fun opportunities to keep the kids active and entertained.

This shift in attention hits your business’s audience as well. So how do you maximize  engagement with your brand when your patrons have one eye on a flamingo pool float? (Unless of course, you're selling flamingo pool floats.)

Try something fresh and new, find another business owner that has a similar audience or product and collaborate. Working cohesively with another business opens up a world of opportunity for both brands, you just need to start with a fun and creative idea. 

And because we like to help, we’re going to make it even simpler for you to get started. 

Here are some of our splashiest tips for easy collaboration: 
  • Photography - take a series of photos that showcase both products or services. We really like flat lay shots for this, vary the layouts and post on both accounts, stories, being sure to add tags and promote. 
  • Product bundles – we love these!  Have another business or product that you admire and find epic in every way? Put together a new offering to sell on Instagram (IG) or on both of your online stores. This is an excellent idea to do seasonally (think gardening products & hand balms) and drives interest to new audiences. You can also plan an IG Market Day for these bundles and offer discounts across businesses. Don’t forget to share all the details on IG stories! 
  • Instagram Stories Takeover - yep, this is a winner, too! Create content that valuable to one another’s audiences and share on a set day, being sure to add tags. 

Pretty cool stuff, right? 

Ooooh, now we want ice cream…

<![CDATA[Mama Says: Mind Your Social Media Manners]]>Thu, 21 Mar 2019 19:18:17 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/mama-says-mind-your-social-media-mannersOne of the most common faux pas we find when reviewing a client’s SM is shocking in its simplicity. It goes something like this: 
Lovely, on-brand photo, check! Fun and entertaining caption, check!  Relevant hashtags added, check! Throughout the busy work day, you hear chime after delightful chime as your phone lights up with notifications - likes and comments galore – YAY! 
This same ritual occurs for several days until the notifications become fewer and far between, while comments disappear altogether. 
Why the crickets? 
Because someone forgot that using social media means you need to actually be social! 
Get a comment? Wonderful! Now treat it EXACTLY as you would if a customer had walked in to your brick & mortar store - respond! You would never in a million years stare blankly back at a client or customer in real life, right? Build your online community the same way you’ve cultivated your loyal following IRL. 
Here’s a handy list of quick tips to keep in mind:

See a comment on your post? That means you've hit the mark - seize the opportunity to engage! 
​Offer a genuine response; keep it positive and uplifting. Liking the comment is nice, responding is much better as it builds trust, relationships and encourages future engagement.  
Cultivate community. Engaging with one comment can lead to bigger conversations because when one person gets a response, others are more likely to join in the fun. And don’t forget – what goes around, comes around, so find accounts you love and comment on posts that give you all the right feels.
Include. Create a relevant “branded” hashtag for customers to use. When they share their love of your product or services and include your hashtag, you’ve expanded your reach exponentially. Take it a step further by reposting some of this user generated content (UGC). Bonus, there’s no finer form of flattery than someone sharing a post you’ve created. (Just be sure to give credit where credit is due - use proper attribution when posting.)
Ask a question. People using social media love to be asked their opinion, so give the people what they want. Take advantage of Instagram (and Facebook) Stories as well as Twitter Polls. You get feedback and engagement, win-win!
Listen to your audience because they ARE your customer! Bottom line, engagement is not optional on Social Media. Start with responding, ask questions, embrace opportunities to connect - it’s the essence of why you are there, so have fun and you’ ll build an amazing, responsive community.
<![CDATA[Home Improvements 2019: Is your online "home" in tip-top shape?]]>Fri, 01 Feb 2019 18:12:44 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/home-improvements-2019-is-your-online-home-in-tip-top-shapePicture
Imagine this: it's the week before hordes of people descend upon your house for the holidays (or any special occasion for that matter), and you decide in a frenzied "driving-to-Home-Depot-as-we-speak" kind of urgency, that you need new carpet or a fresh coat of paint on the entire main floor?  
We can't be the only ones…right?
If you think about it, most of us live in our homes 365 days a year. We look at the same walls, the same floors, the same hole in the ceiling - that we'll eventually get to fixing  - every single day. Some of it becomes white noise. We're so used to looking at it that we don't even see it anymore. Life is busy, so we prioritize what we feel is most important, and everything else will just have to wait. So despite not totally being in love with the mauve and puce floral wallpaper in the dining room, you can live with it for a while, and it falls into a black abyss we all know as the "I'll get to it eventually" category. 

But what happens when you do finally pull down that 90’s wallpaper?  Everyone ooh’s and aah’s about how big the room looks or how they never noticed your gorgeous crown molding before. Suddenly, you, and let’s face it, more importantly, the crowd you’d most wanted to impress, are looking at your house with new eyes!    
And you know what? The same holds true for your website.
We all know it's super important to have one, and often times your website is your customer's first point of contact with your biz (thank you Google). You might even consider it your online "home." But like those four walls we look at 24/7, it's easy to set it and forget it.  When we ask the question: are you updating the content on your website regularly? Many business owners give us the deer in headlights look followed by, "well, I have a website, isn't that enough?" Short answer: no.
A successful website is one that never falls into the "I'll get to it eventually" category. Renovations don’t have to be overwhelming, or all-encompassing. Even minor changes can create a huge impact.
​We'll make it easy by giving you three easy tips to consider:
1. Spruce up your copy, and add some snazzy new images. Own a magic shop? Load a video demonstrating a new card trick. The point is, these are all ways to provide relevant, attention-grabbing information to new and returning visitors. 

2. Keep up with your business's blog. If you haven't posted since 2009, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to speak to your customer. You’re an authority in your field, sharing your knowledge and experiences in blog posts is a great way to build trust. Stuck for what to write about? Try answering a question frequently asked by your customers!

3. Are your social media accounts connected to your website? When website visitors can see your activity on various social channels via a live stream on your site, you are creating yet another opportunity to establish your biz as the authority in your field, gain followers, and convert those customers.

Consistently sharing content that is valuable, relevant, and aesthetically on point will help ensure that your business attracts and retains its ideal customer.  So, if you can’t remember the last time you reviewed, updated, or added to your website content – maybe it’s time to call the Mamas for a free consultation.  
<![CDATA[Foodstagram 101: How to take your photos from ho-hum to serious YUM!]]>Mon, 17 Sep 2018 16:52:22 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/foodstagram-101-how-to-take-your-photos-from-ho-hum-to-serious-yumWe're just going to say it: the holidays are coming, people. And though it might seem a little early to start embracing the spirit - don't panic, we're going to help you with at least one item that you may not even realize is on your to-do list!
Whether you are a retail store, online biz, blogger, author, or an Instagram postaholic - it's safe to assume that between now and January 1, there will be a cornucopia of opportunities to post the yumminess that rides in on the holiday food train. 
We've all had that epic turkey dinner, a gorgeous NYE party cocktail, or marveled at a heaping platter of grandma's famous Christmas Crinkles - post-worthy moments? 
The desire to share that experience with the world is understandable - food makes powerful memories
But how do you get that amazing culinary experience to translate to a drool-worthy, I-want-to-eat-that-NOW, photo?
We get this question a lot. So charge your phone battery, load up your plate, and have the barista top off your latte, here are the Mamas' tips for fabulous foodie photos:
1. Focus on the food.
It seems obvious, but it merits saying because we see it all the time on social media - blurry photos are a no-go. Keep the phone (or camera) steady. A tripod is ideal, but if you don't carry one in your back pocket, it's easy to improvise. Just look around and get creative. Focus on the details, take multiple shots, breathe and allow your camera to adjust before each shot.
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
2. Composition is key.
Sometimes less is more. You don't have to be a food stylist to capture the perfect shot, but it helps if you start thinking like one. Experiment. Loving that coffee, muffin, fancy flatware, and cut crystal water glass? Start with all of them in your shot. Too much? Try taking items away, or move the glaze-dripping muffin to the foreground while the other pieces play a supporting role in the background.
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
3. Stand-up, sit down, move that plate around!
Don't be afraid to put your food on the floor. Five-second rule aside, flat lay food shots are a good start, and they're fairly common because they tend to work well. Now, put your subject back on the table and shoot from a different perspective. Change it up: eye level, thirty or forty degree angles - and again, take lots of shots always being mindful of the background.
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
4. Natural light is your friend.
Lightbox (or other fancy equipment) not required - just head to a window and let mother nature be your assistant. Play around with a simple white poster board to reflect even more light and reduce unflattering shadows. And don't forget to turn off the flash!
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
5. Forego the filter. 
Filters are great if you're over 40 *wink*, but if your food is fresh and (hopefully) wrinkle free, they are totally unnecessary. Check out the difference between these shots:
No Filter
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
With Filter
©Mama Media, Co. 2018
Color, texture, detail - the unfiltered photo has it all. And we have to say this Pumpkin Spice Cake, from a favorite local bakery, tasted every bit as rich and delicious as it looks. (Trust us, there wasn't a crumb left!)
​Hungry for more? Check out this link from IG Queen, Jasmine Star for additional tips and tricks for taking super fabulous post-worthy photos.
<![CDATA[5 Reasons Why Every Writer Should be on Instagram]]>Tue, 26 Jun 2018 18:02:44 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/5-reasons-why-every-writer-should-be-on-instagram*Note: This blog post was written by Andrea as a guest post for Gila Green's Summer Guest Post Series (reposted with permission).
You don't need me to tell you that social media is a powerful tool. It's evident in the fact that we can upload and share a photo, video, article, message, or opinion - on an ever-growing variety of social platforms - in a matter of seconds. That's pretty impressive in its own right. But the real power comes into play when you consider that the content you just posted has the potential to be seen by literally millions of people around the world.


It's mind-boggling when you stop and think about how connected we are. 
I won't tell you that social media is the new word of mouth. (It is.)
I won't even tell you that almost one-third of the global population is using some form of social media for personal or professional use. (They are. 2.46 billion, in fact.)

Facebook leads the charge with over 2 billion users globally, Youtube comes in at a relatively close second. And my favorite, Instagram, falls solidly in the middle with over 800 million users worldwide.

Now, this is something I will tell you - if you are a writer and you're not already on Instagram - you need to get on it.

Here's why:

1. Introverts Unite!
Writers can be notoriously solitary creatures. We sit alone for hours on end, staring at a screen, typing strings of brilliant ideas together until they take the form of a story. But if you're like me, thoughts like "who would want to read this, anyway?" and "this story stinks," fight to take up residence in my innermost being.  Well, I'm happy to report that there exists a community of like-minded writers on Instagram that will not only help squash those negative thoughts, but they will lift you up with positivity, constructive feedback, and the encouragement one needs to just keep writing. 

2. If you build it, they will come.
Take a look around Instagram. Check out authors you admire, or hashtags like #writerscommunity, #writersofinstagram, and #writerslife - there are literally thousands of writers posting great content. Some feature their own writing, or quotes from other authors books. Some share photos of their writing spaces, dogs, cats, favorite book covers...the list goes on and on. While I do not advocate copying another account's style, look around and get some ideas - then come up with your own aesthetic. The key: be true to you. If you apply this to the content you post, your following WILL grow. (More good news: selfies are completely optional!)

3. Credibility.
One of the things agents and publishers look for in writers is a strong social media presence. Why? Because a genuine following equals potential readers and a built-in fan base. Simple as that.

4. Be in the know.
Writers aren't the only ones to watch for on Instagram. Literary agents and publishers account for a growing number of users on the platform as well. Learn what is being published, what genres they're looking for, and make potentially valuable connections.

5. Confidence.
It takes time and effort to build a robust platform, so don't get distracted or disappointed by vanity metrics. A bazillion followers does not always equate to a successful feed. Instead, focus on the relationships you are creating and the connections you are making. Not only will you feel more confident about building a genuine following, but you'll also experience the added benefit of getting to know writers and fans of your own writing from around the world.

The bottom line: social media is a great way to share the vision for your writing. And the Instagram community is a great place to share, connect, inspire, and cheer our fellow writers on!
<![CDATA[Hey, small business owners! Ready to grow your online presence?]]>Thu, 10 May 2018 17:10:26 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/hey-small-business-owners-ready-to-grow-your-online-presence
Raise your hand if gazing upon a lush, flourishing garden soothes your soul.

Now Raise your hand if you're all about getting in there - turning the soil and planting seeds.

For us, there is nothing more therapeutic, relaxing, and yes - productive, than spending time with our hands in the dirt. But, as much as we love it, we have to admit that sometimes it can be a time consuming, back-breaking chore. Relying on the weather report to determine your watering schedule, to fertilize or not to fertilize, battling pests and constant weeding. Yeah, these things threaten to suck the fun right out of it. But just when we're ready to throw in the gardening trowel...pop! That first tender green shoot breaks through, then another, and another - confirmation that all that hard work was worthwhile.

Believe it or not, the same case can be made for your small business and its online presence. With well-planned cultivation, your website, social media, and e-marketing seeds can develop healthy roots and abundant fruit.

But how?

1. ​Start with consistent watering.

​​Don’t let your online presence fall into a drought! Posting on your social media profiles, and sending newsletters or emails on a regular basis gets (and keeps) your brand in front of consumers. Create a robust schedule and stick to it, the benefits are plentiful!
For one, you build your brand - the more recognizable your brand, the more trust you gain with your audience.  Additionally, audiences engage more with likes, comments, and follows when they feel like they know you. And when they feel like they know you - guess what, they’re more likely to want to buy your product or service. By posting daily, and being diligent with your eMarketing, you are maintaining a positive presence in your market. Many businesses are already on social media, be the one that does it well! 
​Here’s a quick guideline for Small Businesses in 2018: post to Facebook and Instagram - one to two times a day, Twitter - three to five tweets per day, and Linked in - one post per day. Social Report breaks it all down for you here.

2. ​Feed them the right stuff.

​Ask yourself this: Who is my target audience and what are they hungry for?
Great content! We’ll say it again - who is your customer and what do they want? Great content! It’s no secret; consumers have finicky palettes. Each day they are bombarded with messaging, images, and calls to action that are all competing for their attention. 
​And you have about three seconds to deliver the goods or risk getting swiped into the compost pile. Think about it like this: if your customer is into fine dining SHOW them the fine dining experience they will have at your restaurant - make them want to eat that steamed asparagus with balsamic glaze in a perfectly lit atmosphere that makes them look ten years younger while a guitar player gently strums in the background. (FOMO is real people! Heck, we’d go there!) Whether its your website or social media channels, stunning images and attention-grabbing copy that reflect your brand are a must.

3. ​Don't let the weeds take over!

​Follower apps may promise - and even deliver - droves of followers to your social media profiles. Who wouldn't feel flattered going from 100 to 10K followers overnight? So, you download the app and wake up to a following that (it has to be said) is growing like a weed. It feels good for a while until it becomes clear that many of those "followers" are actually bots or fake accounts that don't add real value to your account. The unfortunate fact is that these “foolers” eventually choke out your authentic audience leaving you with a spam riddled feed and low post interaction. Don’t get tangled up obsessing over vanity metrics! The focus instead should be on strategies and actions to develop a strong, organic following and a credible online presence.
(Note - purchasing followers goes against the terms of service of many social media platforms, and you risk having your account suspended.) For more information check out this super informative article by Ian Anderson Gray at Seriously Social.

4. ​Talk to your garden.

​While there may not be conclusive scientific evidence that talking to plants helps them grow, it has been proven that engaging with your followers on social media WILL increase the visibility of your posts. In other words - be social! Respond to comments, initiate discussions, use polls, videos, and stories to keep the conversation going. 
High engagement = a credible account that algorithms recognize and reward.


Raise your hand if you wish you could or if you have every intention to...but year after year the garden goes unplanted. Or worse, the seeds fail to sprout because you've spread yourself so thin that there aren't enough hours left in the day to tend to your garden.
​While we aren’t in the business of horticulture, we do know a thing or two about helping small businesses develop healthy roots online. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today.
<![CDATA[What Did Mama Say?]]>Tue, 17 Apr 2018 17:30:33 GMThttp://mamamedia.ink/blog/what-did-mama-sayMy mama told me, you’d better shop around…     
Captain and Tenille had it right back in the *cough* seventies, and the concept of  shopping around is still super relevant, much like Tenille's ginormous feather-trimmed sleeves. (For the full diddy, click the pic...we know you want to.) BUT how we do it has changed considerably. It used to be that we'd have to get in the car and drive from store to store to compare brands and products. These days the power to shop around fits right in the palm of our hand!
​According to LinkedIn Marketing, the average decision maker reads ten pieces of content before finalizing their purchase and 57% are researching from a mobile device.
​Mobile devices are our connection, our community window, and our go-to research tool - we can be educated, updated and inspired in less time than it takes to get an oil change.
​And of course, we have our opinions, don’t we? 
​Like, comment, and follow. We eagerly consume content, but the reality is - impressions count. Brands and consumers have never been as closely connected as they are today. ​ Posts have to speak to us, and our particular needs as consumers or we scroll right by.  Words and images must hit just the right chord get an  "oOOooOoh, I love it!" reaction (as well as a double-tap on that killer post).
​Cultivating our attention has never been so competitive or so vital to small business, and yet there's this... 
​The focus of marketing on social media should not be about selling alone, but about ensuring your customers happiness and loyalty. Engagement is crucial to developing strong, authentic, and enduring relationships. Creating a dialogue by encouraging feedback and responding to customer needs makes for a powerful online community. 
Have you found yourself  thinking... 
​∙Social Media is too confusing.
∙I don’t see the value – is it really worth the effort?
∙I get frustrated trying to connect to my customer – how do I get them excited about my product?  
​∙I just don’t have the time to figure it all out!”
Don't sweat it, you're not alone!
​In January 2018, Instagram once again changed its algorithms. Just when you think you’ve solved a piece of the social media puzzle, the rules of the game seem to change, change often, and with lightning speed. 
​Whether your social media puzzle has never been opened, has been pitched back in the box and left to collect dust on the top shelf of your closet, or even occasionally gets a piece added - Mama Media is here to find creative solutions to complete the picture.
​To know you is to know your business. And the better we understand your brand, the more effectively we can connect its unique voice to your target customer. 
​Book a Complimentary Consultation today and remember - whether or not you are using social media, your customers certainly are, and they are searching for you. 
Let’s get creativity all up in your business!